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I would like to apologise to my readers.

Although this is not meant to be a blog that teaches you how to make money, I know a lot of you read this in the hope of doing so.

The problem is – the main ways I make money (off this blog and freelancing as a writer) are near impossible to duplicate for most of you – some of you don’t have the writing ability, others don’t feel like starting a blog.

When was the last post on this blog that helped you make money online? I can’t remember.

It is time for that to change.

You, me, all of us – we are going to start making money – in a field where I am just as clueless as most of you.

I’m talking about marketing offline. A few of you may remember the post I put up – when I did so, I had lots of enthusiasm. I do think the idea could work, but things just came in the way of it – work at Uni, a few parties, feeling too lazy to set it up etc.

The only person that has lost out is me. I spoke to the person who let me know about the idea today – he’s nearing $xx,xxx a month. Money that I could have well been making, if I wasn’t so lazy. Money that is enough to make a full time living with, especially in a place like here with no tax (one of the joys of Dubai  ).

Enough fluffy sh!t, as the title says – it is time to dominate your niche market. Do I have any clue about doing so? Not at all, but as it will not take anything apart from time (and I have a tonne of that) so why not try it out. And for the first time on TUK, I want to work with you guys.

I’m talking about working offline – and as we all (hopefully) live in different cities/towns, there is no real problem about competition / saturation – those of us that live in the same place can even cooperate with each other.

You can take this as a call to action – in fact, after you read this post I want you to stop reading, start doing. Something I spoke about on a guest post on Tyler Cruz.

I will be doing this week by week – slowly, but surely. If you want to tag along, feel free.

To make this easier for people to decide, I’ll tell you this – it should cost less than $50.00 startup (divide that by a lot if you have hosting already) and the potential is clear to see as the friend I spoke with showed.

What my friend did was supply website services to companies and then outsourced the work, but although that is a good idea, I want to do something different.

Here is what I was thinking. In the modern world, there are millions of people that would be interested in learning about the online world – maybe not making money per se, but certainly about starting their own website – this is something that the younger generation is especially interested in – a personal blog for example. However, they have no clue how to begin.

This is where you and I come in.

By offering courses, you can help people and make money, at the same time.

Or so my school of thought goes. Now, here are the steps we are going to follow – if you are interested in taking part, mention this in the comments.

First off, go to this link and check out how many Internet users your country has. Anything over a million and you’re good; the less there are, the larger percentage that you will have to control.


If you live in the Holy See (Vatican City) where there are only 93 Internet users, I apologise, but you’re probably not going to be able to take part 

If you are in the green (most of you should be) after checking out that chart, we can go on. I am setting up a private discussion for this activity, which I will talk about later in this post.

The next step is choosing your domain. I picked up, as it is a nice generic domain that can be used for well; anything. I will be giving you guys a week to think of a domain (you can ask for suggestions in the private discussion). You can also start looking for themes and all (I’ll be running this on a WordPress blog, as it is only thing I know how to use – I have found an excellent free theme that will work very well, which will be disclosed in the private discussion.

After a week, we will go on and talk about content, marketing and what not. I have a few ideas, which I’ve spoken about with the guy I know that’s currently doing this; as they say, x heads are better than one and the best thing about this is that there is no problem if we all do the same thing, as we are all targeting different markets – and even if people found out they are targeting the same target (which is unlikely) they can work together and cut work.

I have made it clear, but if you haven’t gotten it – I am a newbie at this, and I have never done much of it before. However, I have some knowledge of how it works and we can help each other. As we all will be on pretty much the same level, I don’t foresee any problems, and we can make sure everyone stays on track (which will make money sooner rather than later).

As I said, all you need to start up is some time, a domain and hosting. The money to be (potentially) gained is there – if you charge even $10/hour and recruit say 100 people, you are making $1,000/hour. The United Arab Emirates (where I stay) has around 1,709,000+ Internet users – you do the math. Those of you in other countries will have a larger market to target, and you can rinse and repeat.

Feel free to let me know what you think of the idea below, and if you are interested in joining the private community mention “I’m interested” somewhere and I will send you an email (make sure you use a proper email). You can also ask me over MSN/Yahoo if you don’t want to wait – I’m fairly excited. All for one and one for all, or so they say – so let’s get cracking. 

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