How I Expect to Earn at Least $100 for 23m30s of Work…

I was hit by one of my brilliant (well, in my opinion of course  ) ideas a few days ago; I finally decided that today I would go ahead and try to destroy with it. What was this idea? Well, I decided to write yet another eBook; this one took me 23 minutes, 29 seconds to write and had a mere 904 words- I actually typed out the text pretty quick, however it was the images that took long to collect. Anyways, I expect to earn $100 minimum, probably more… but I’m selling this eBook at the costly price of $0.00. That’s right, completely free! Am I completely deluded, or dya think it might work? Well, take a look at the eBook yourself, and tell me what you think. I’ve already sent out around 40 copies so  should all go well, this University student will be laughing all the way to the bank.

Hope y’all like it. I’ve completed the sales copy for my not-so-free eBook, and will hopefully be getting up the website tomorrow; I want this to be the best and most profitable eBook I’ve ever written, and will even be running an affiliate program that will be the easiest to convert in history. I will let you guys know more about it; don’t worry. It would have been up yesterday, or even the day before that if it wasn’t for my designer dying AGAIN; heck, one more time and I swear I’m going to learn how to do this myself 

I was going to submit the last post (about proxies) to Digg, but Digg isn’t allowing me to login so the whole ‘Digg exchange’ concept wouldn’t really work well. Maybe in the next few days; we’ll see. As for the cash flow, I’ve spent boatloads in the last few days, mainly on the website and accompanying eBook covers; some money is coming in though as I got paid for my SoccerLens writing stint and have just completed a short sales letter for a client (who wants a few more done), so more is coming in than going out. Adsense is earning more than $15.00 a day, and while that’s nice to have as I don’t have to work for it at all; one guy off Digital Point earned $1000 off Adsense yesterday, so there is plenty of room for improvement. $30000 a month off just Adsense alone… I think that’d be enough to retire, don’t you?  Because of that success story, I’ll be looking into creating a few MFA websites; perhaps acne would be a good place to start as a couple amigos have websites about it + I have a ready made eBook to sell. We’ll see how it goes.

Bit of a nothing post, but I have a couple coming along in the pipeline; I learned yesterday that John Chow does accept guest posts (I’d presume they do have to be exceptional though) so I’ll think of sending one in. Other than that, I’m also thinking of starting a small forum for this website; how successful that would be remains to be seen though, especially as there are only a couple hundred visitors a day. I did some work today on the website, which is why this post came so late; I added an ‘Advertise’, and ‘About/Hire Me’ page, which is always important to have. Who wants to be first to hire The University Kid to do some work? 

More tomorrow

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