So…. Wazzup?

Not much going on today; I might be flipping my most valuable proxy for a decent bit of cash; will not take less than $700/$800 so we’ll see how it goes. I actually made $150.00 yesterday for writing, so I’m pretty happy with that; I’m trying to close in on $1000 for the month in the Paypal balance alone; I’ve already broken $1000 net total with the addition of Adsense + HostICan; if the eBook gets going, I’m quite confident that my Paypal balance will read $1000 by the end of the month. How likely that is remains uncertain; I spoke to my designer today morning about it, but since then he’s nowhere to be seen  Let’s hope he kicks it off. I’ve completed the sales letter, plus a short copy for the affiliate program; hopefully it will be as highly converting as I envision it.

I’ve got a ton of work due on Thursday; can’t wait for the weekend. Included is a Statistics exam worth 25%; a computer project worth the same amount and last but not least an essay for ‘University Life’ worth 30 flippin percent! Considering that at the moment of writing this post I know f**k all about Statistics, still have to get together the final pages for computer and tweak the essay… argh, sounds like work which isn’t really my favourite thing. I seem to have no problem doing something quick when the promise of earning money is involved though; I managed to get the Acne niche website put up, Adsense ads installed and the start of a custom header being created for it. We’ll see how that goes; well hopefully. I don’t really have the time to write the articles, so might get someone else to do it; I do have a nice eBook to package along with the website though meaning that it’ll have two streams of income and thus be easier to sell.

This is the fiftieth post on this blog in quite a short while; hopefully you found a few of them to be quality. Traffic is now at around 200 uniques a day, and I’m hoping to increase that phenomenally so I can sell the site as that would be really nice; lets see how it all goes. RSS feed subscribers are hovering around the 55~ mark; subscribe guys; remember, there’s the chance to win $2000 worth of goodies if you do. Will keep you guys updated; better do some work now 😉

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