Five Posts That You Should Read in the Blogging World

It’s almost the start of a new month, and while earning statistics and all that will be put up later today night or tomorrow, I’ll give you a filler post with content I found interesting for you to browse. These articles were written by a few of my fellow bloggers; all of whose blogs I browse at some point during the week.

Thomas Sinfield – Stop Making Excuses. Anyone can blog successfully!

Tom talks about bloggers from all walks of life; yours truly is included, but that didn’t sway my decision to add this post to the list at all  . Many people don’t want to start a blog, not because they don’t have the skills, but because they feel they can’t; take a look at this list, and you’ll see everyone’s doing it- why don’t you start?

Ades Blog – Ten Things You Can Do Today To Kick Start Your Blog’s Growth

Now I only came across this one a couple days ago; I’m glad I did though as it was an interesting read and I will definitely be back for more. This post I chose had ten killer tips on how to get traffic and thus readers to a blog; a few ones that I’ve used in the past, but also some new ones that I’m going to try in the coming weeks.

John Chow – How To Build Your Blog’s Credibility


When talking about building blogs and credibility, John Chow definitely is one of the people in the industry that you should listen to. With earnings of around $23,000 a month from just his blog, he’s one of the leaders in the industry; I found this post on building up a blog’s credibility a good read and hopefully you will too  .

Tyler Cruz – Working Efficiently by Minimizing Distractions

All y’all will know the feeling off putting off work; it’s the same reason why an assignment that I had three weeks to complete ended up being started thirty minutes before it was due and handed in twenty minutes late. Distractions can have a killing effect to being productive, whether it’s the television, your email, your mobile or anything else; Tyler Cruz talks about how you can make the most use out of the time you’re supposed to be spending doing the lovely thing that is work 

John Cow – Buzz Marketing Experiment – RESULTS

While this post was found on John Cow’s blog, it was actually written by guest poster Dean Hunt, who ran a buzz marketing experimental campaign to see how much traffic Digg could bring you. After producing an article that was Dugg a massive 865 times (at this moment in time) in the past few days; it was definitely an interesting post and I’ll be looking to cheat Digg produce an article that’s capable of getting on the front page too; the website actually received 40,000+ uniques as a result of reaching the front page. Not bad at all, eh? 

Gyutae Park – Winning The Web – Eight Reasons You Need a Business Partner

Yes, I know this was supposed to be a list of five, but sue me; Gyutae’s post on eight reasons you need a business partner was perhaps the most interesting one of the lot as business partners have definitely had a positive effect on me. In just the two months I’ve been blundering around trying to make money, I’ve ‘met’ hundreds of people that have had an impact, whether big or small; a few of them I speak with daily and are the first place I go to run one of the many ideas I have by. Business partners can help you from feeling overworked and under-credited to becoming one of the elite teams due to the combination of your skills; read this post to find out why.

Let’s hope y’all found those posts as interesting as I did; once again, earning statistics will be posted up tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll be doing something similar to this post weekly, as there is a wealth of information out there; next time, I promise to keep it to five though. 

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