Introducing The University Kid

Welcome all.

This is the first day of the University Kid blog. Who am I? Well, basically I’m a cocky sixteen year old; an online entrepreneur; a young businessman. Currently at university, I’m looking for ways to earn money in the online world, and have thus started this blog not just to keep me motivated, but also to keep a track of my earnings.

To motivate myself to reach new levels, I’ve agreed to a contest with the owner of Whilst this contest is not on the level of a Shoe Money/John Chow contest, it will be fiercely competed; with maybe even a few prizes thrown in for the followers of this. I’ll be posting daily or weekly statistics of my earnings, be it from Adsense, selling items or various other methods.

The target is a massive $15,000, and the deadline is the end of May 2008. Should either of us reach the target before then, there’ll be a bit (a LOT if I win :)) of gloating, and prizes at the end for all readers of each blog. Would you like to compete as well? Leave a comment wishing me well or cursing me to fail below.

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