New Contest; Full Rights Sale For eBook?

Wow, I must really like you guys as I keep giving away free stuff. Anyways, I’m trying to get more subscribers to the blog; so now I’m having a contest that surpasses anything I’ve ever done before. I’m giving away 10 domains to one subscriber on November 21st; you can subscribe by FeedBurner using the link in the sidebar or subscribe by email by using the form below. The collection of domains is decent; some of them are definitely usable, while others are so crap no one will buy them may be of use to those who have decent ideas. Anyways, the domains are:

5) (long bastard)
8 )
10) (a new planet)

All of these expire next year; for the first six, use them to start off a chain of websites and for the last one, start a lovely Gliese581d Appreciation Society (or use it for a proxy, Gliese Surfer). As for the other three… well, I presume you know what to do, as I f**king don’t. You could sell them at a buck each and earn ten bucks like that heh.

I know I’ve started off slowly compared to the others; but I’ve been mostly buying, rather than selling. That’s set to change in the next few days though- I’m selling full rights to my first eBook, and the thread can be found here. Had a $100 bid straight up, and also had two buyers contact me about BIN price, which I’ve set at $300. Not bad, eh? Although I’m crap at designing, if this goes well I’ll create websites for the other two (which need rewrites) and flip the damned things as well. I also have to be paid (monthly) for a writing job that I current have at, I should be getting that pay cheque (or Paypal receipt, I guess) soon.

As for the writing, I’m looking at diversifying my styles- the money is in the sales letters and the press releases. Starting prices for sales letters generally tend to be at around $50 for short ones, or $200 for longer ones, while press releases go for anywhere between $100-500, depending how urgently they’re needed. I can write a killer sales letter (heck, convinced half of you to buy my eBook, didn’t I) and with my (*insert dose of extreme modesty here*) writing talents I’m sure press releases will be a walk in the park.

Anyways, nothing else to say; good luck with the contest, I may throw in a few more prizes so make sure you subscribe now.

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