Did My Designer Die?

The new look is all done, I’d like to get it up today if possible, but have not heard from my designer/coder for a couple days. Strange that, hopefully he’s too busy working on it to come on MSN.

The eBook cashcow business is really getting into full flow; made $600 off two deals yesterday alone and I’ve already completed their eBooks as it takes me a couple hours maximum to write them. Not bad, heh? Will hopefully be getting a few more clients; we will see how it all pans out.

Yesterday my net worth on the Internet in pure cash rose above $1000; $922 in the Paypal account, $100 in Google Adsense and $70 pending off an affiliate program, and while I spent $188 on getting some urgent articles done my balance should be back up in a couple of days. While I’d like to reach $1000 before half the month is up, it’s not essential; while a few competitors may feel they’ve gotta earn something every day, I prefer to work slowly and steadily- even if it means a couple of penniless days- to pull in the large prize. Once the first $1000 is in Paypal, I’m sure the next $1.5k will come very soon; maybe not this month, depending on how much I spend on prizes for you lot.

The prizes for the contest now have a value of around $1800; I’m looking to reach around $2000 before the 15th, so if anyone wants to sponsor one let me know. Only digital items/services cheers; if you have a ‘real’ item, please make sure it a) is something a webmaster can use and b) you can ship it. Had another sponsor ask me if she could donate a personalized teddy bear… I mean I’m grateful for the contributions and all, but WTF!

A bit of shameless gloating thanks here to ProfitBaron.com they asked for an interview which I was glad to give. You can read that, as well as a bit from another contestant using this link. If anyone else wants a short interview, email the questions to admin@theuniversitykid.com and I’ll take a look; please make it relevant though- I had someone ask me what my shoe size was yesterday which deserves another WTF comment.

Not much happening here; I’m thinking of setting up a wiki-directory for other Money Makers; we’ll see how that goes. As said repeatedly I’m a total tech newb, so I’ve got no idea how to install the PhPWiki script, nor an idea for a domain name to buy; if anyone else can think up of a decent one, please post below. Gotta ‘work’ on a bit of money making ideas (ie sit on my arse and playing a bit of Counter Strike); I’ll respond to any comments you leave though, so feel free to do so.

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