Setting Up an eBook Store and an Arcade

I’ve setup and will be setting up soon; the former is setup but I have no idea how to add the games (file showing as corrupt for me) while the latter will be installed today or tomorrow. Let’s see how they turn out; hopefully a couple of minutes spamming posting on a few blogs about the arcade once it’s up should populate it, while a bit of PPC (which I learned how to do for the first time today, go me!) should work wonders for the eBook store. I’m really, really, really crap at this tech stuff, should really learn soon… tomorrow, perhaps not.

By the way, we setup the l33tproxy network (don’t ask me about the gay name, it was Reid’s idea) and its already earned $3.38 since morning with no promotion whatsoever. Once we get around to spamming link building on a couple high activity blogs and forums, it should definitely increase. At this rate, we’ll make the cash we spent back in less than a month, and Adbrite hasn’t even been added to the proxies yet. Onwards and upwards, hopefully.

By the way, I know a lot of you are writers… anyways, let me share the website I started out my writing career on. Stay away from the shitty sites like Helium and Associated Content; they pay f**k all and you really should be getting more than that. Helium paid a couple pennies a day maximum for my articles, despite them coming top of their niche, sometimes beating hundreds of other entries while Associated Content’s price scheme is crap.

Anyways, the website? It’s more a job board, but you can find a few decent clients there. I was shocked actually- I contacted one of them and he replied asking me how much I charged for a 500-word article. Since I was a newb then, I said $5, as that was what I felt was the highest I could get. The website owner replied back with a offer of $50 per article as he liked me work; blown out of the water, or what? Anyways, the job board is Online Writing Jobs; make sure you sign up though as it updates late for those who aren’t signed in. Once you’re signed up, you can post up your services as a freelancer, but the better thing to do is wait for a couple people that are looking for writers- ‘High Paying- Freelance Writing Jobs ‘ is the section you should target. Good luck!

By the way the website to officially sell my domain eBook from will be up soon; guess I need a rewrite due to the GoDaddy coupon codes dying and all that. It’s got a kick ass design, which I’ll let you guys see as soon as its coded. Last but not least, Nick was blown out of the water by YourIHost, who got 7104 at the Monkey Kick Game. Contest ends at 12am GMT though, so you’ve got plenty of time to try and beat him.

I’ve sent out all the eBooks to those who posted in the thread below, if you haven’t got one please post there and I’ll get around to you today. Also, added Feedburner to the site, and it’s showing three subscribers; not sure if that’s a glitch, but thanks all who subscribe

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