Paid Reviews- the Death of the Modern Blogger

A few people have asked me why I don’t have paid reviews on this blog; quite a few others use it and it can bring in anywhere between $300-500 a month; while, to be honest… as with Adsense, paid reviews are another thing that irritate me. Sure, if the topic is relevant by all means go ahead and promote it- if you see a paid review about promoting the website you like, go ahead and do so; but why do that for the measly $10.00 it will bring you? You might as well stick to affiliate promoting- sure, you might only make a few conversions, but you’ll definitely earn more from those few. I had signed up with Pay Per Post, Review Me, BloggerWave and all, but will not be implementing them on this blog; a) they pay you just $10 for a full blog post, often with pictures; this time could be better spent doing something more useful, and b) they take a month or more to pay; in a month, I expect to be earning enough that $10 will be something not really important one way or another.

Does this mean I’ll never do paid reviews on this website? Well, not necessarily. I will do them, but later, when this blog has grown in popularity and can command $60+ a post; I will also do ones of only the websites I deem useful, so all you teddy bear/bong promoters, please stay away. Now that this smallish rant is out of the way, time to talk business (heh, right).

I spoke with my designer yesterday; apparently the coder he outsourced too f**ked off so he’ll be doing it today; let’s hope that it’s done before tomorrow as I really want it to be up for the contest. Design or not though, the contest goes ahead tomorrow, so stay tuned hehe- I can’t cancel now after teasing y’all for the past couple weeks. Thanks to a few gracious sponsors there will be even more prizes up for grabs… w00t! Anyways, let me give you a small bit of information on how this will work; basically it will follow the ‘points’ system, where one point = one entry. Think of it like a raffle draw where the points are tickets. Anyways, I’m thinking 20 points if you blog about the contest, 12 points if you subscribe to the RSS feed, 10 points if you change your Digital Point avatar to one I’ll supply tomorrow and a point per comment you make on the site. Sound good? This is not set in stone, so feel free to suggest any possible changes and I’ll consider them.

Apologies to the long term readers of this blog, but the comments tally will be reset tomorrow; I know Hamza & Sawan have already racked up a few but they’ll be starting from scratch, just like all the others. Your RSS subscription will still count though, so no worries; don’t forget that they’ll be a draw for the 10 domains I promised and the winner will be announced on the 20th of November.

I’ll probably be ending the eBook cashcow business as I’ve discovered it’s not really profitable; I can make far more than that on my own. I will be completing the pending projects, however I’m also currently working on an eBook of my own; a complete guide on how to take yourself from $0.00 to $1000. I did this in nine days, however there are quite a few people who have the capability to earn $1000+ a month but don’t do so; hopefully my guide will help with this, eh?

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