Contest- the First Winners; New eBook

The first prizes for the ‘contest’ that requires f**k all work are out; the winners are HamzaXpSave and Zach. To receive your prize, post here with a way of contact; I’ll email you (or PM you, if you’re from a message board I frequent) the download link. I selected the winners by having preselected number posts that won; in this case, it was the first, third and tenth poster I believe. These numbers may or may not (hint hint) stay the same for next week, so get in quickly. The ‘contest’ will run to the end of the week and you can win on any post that I write which reaches five (or ten) comments, so all of you regulars should be receiving eBooks soon, as obviously the same people that comment won’t win again :D.

I doubt there’ll be an earnings post today as I spent some more ‘big’ money; might as well get the majority of the spending out of the way before the contest starts. I bought this template, which cost a bit but was definitely worth it. It’ll be used for something special, don’t worry about it; once again, you can read all the news about my latest doomed to fail well thought out projects over the next few weeks.

By the way, I finally purchased Stumbles for a couple of my proxies; mainly because I couldn’t be arsed didn’t have the time to do the stumble exchanges myself, but the result of the stumbles brought in a decent $4.12 from Google Adsense on just one of them- not bad considering that I paid $6 for the service. I presume this will increase of course, which is always good; anyways, I ordered 60 stumbles which is not a lot- if you have a couple of hours to spare, you might as well do it, or *politely* ask a friend to do it for you (by politely, I mean kick him in the balls if he doesn’t).

I mentioned an eBook in the title, anyways I’ve just thought of a new ideas that should bring a f**kload of money; the first method alone gets you $100 for a $10 investment. Not bad, eh? I’ll be writing (and releasing) this eBook in the next few days; it will have five/ten methods that you can use to earn some cash. Got a few assignments, and tests due in the next couple days too, but heh; the money is more important ;).

This is getting pretty long, but last of all I’d really encourage you to write for cash if you can string a few sentences together- I’ve been approached today for a football writing jobs at a healthy $0.05 a word (it adds up quickly) and you can surely get that too, if you have some experience in any field. Don’t look at the Content Creation section of Digital Point; sure, you might have a lot of jobs but the majority of webmasters are cheap, heartless bastards not willing to pay a lot, so look at marketing yourselves in other ways. More on that later.

* This is the last, I promise… but how f**kin’ irritating is the .INFO rise in prices from GoDaddy? No longer at they available at $1.19; they now cost a hefty $3!

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