A New Day

After yesterday’s absolutely shambolic, and I really, really mean shambolic showing, with about $12.xx earned… I’ll be going all out to at least double that today. Anyways, I’ll be getting paid for a couple article writing jobs within the next few days, and really have to complete a few other ones so I can get paid for those; sadly I’ve been slacking.

Anyways, with the $12 in my account I have nothing to play with; I’d like to purchase some advertising and was in the middle of writing a PM to the guy who had it, when I realised that even the $25 price he was offering was beyond me at the moment. Looking at some ways of getting a high ROI; will be selling off a few of my domains as well as article packs that I have on the computer. Let’s see how that all pans out; I think it should do well. Anyways, I’ve just come across a fantastic idea to get 1000s of visitors to a website for the low cost of $5; I’ll be trying this out in the next couple of weeks, and will let you guys know how it works out.

Apart from that I’ve been hit with another *brilliant* idea; do you guys remember about a week or so back where I said I had an excellent idea where it required a little startup money and work, then would earn for lifetime? Anyways, I’ve come across a better way to market that, as well as decrease the costs; will be letting you guys know how that works eventually.

Last but not least, I’ve been meaning to compile a list of the websites that I ‘own’ for a while now; might as well do it now. I had been looking to start around thirty, and while proxies may be cheating, they still count; so let’s see how many I have.

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