New Design… Complete!

The new design is ready; it’s being coded now. The sidebar will have a few changes, as will the header but it’s 95% done. If anyone’s interested in seeing it before it gets done, add me on Yahoo/MSN and I’ll let you have a look. Other than that I also set up an email address for this website… all y’all who want to hurl abuse gimme some feedback can drop a line to Heh, could have been more creative but ‘admin’ is fine for now I think.

Have a few more potential clients interested in the eBook Cashcow package; we’ll see how that goes. If five are sold that makes a comfortable $1500, and I’ll probably be raising the prices soon so not bad heh. All y’all that haven’t, I suggest you write an eBook on something you’re good at, especially if its related to making money online- a couple decent reviews and you’re in businesss. If you want to purchase my eBook about how to write, market and sell eBooks, PM me and I’ll hook you up with a copy at $15.

Not a lot else to say today except about the contest, I think I’ll be starting it on the 15th of November; anyone have ideas/want to sponsor prizes? The winner (most unspammy comments) will get one eBook cashcow (they’re currently selling at $300) package done for them at the high cost of… wait for it… $0! Not a bad first prize, eh? Let’s hope the redesign gets up quick; in the meanwhile, I hope you guys listened to me and took at least an hour today to think about some high-earners hehe. If you want some decent downloads, check out this thread– I’m giving away all the PLR I have free!

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