The Launch of A New Community

A press release, you could call it? Anyways, after speaking a bit with Nick Leavens we’ve decided to launch an online community; this will focus on ‘younger’ online entrepreneurs, as well as those just starting out in the online world, and will hopefully be an informative place for people to share their knowledge and expertise. After playing around with various domains, we decided upon the domain; pretty happy with it as it’s a play on the word equity, which is of course what we’re hoping to help young entrepreneurs obtain. I see great things for this website; we’ve already got a kick-ass template, designed by Brian Gardner and I see things doing well if we promote it a bit. I’ve already written my first article on the website; it’s entitled ‘Five Tips for Newbies To Earn Online‘ and is slightly on the longer side, but hopefully will provide you with a bit of information to start earning.

There is a logo contest ongoing for this with a $15 prize, so if you’re interested in competing for it you can view the rules here and post your entries in the Digital Point thread located over here.

Today is of course the first day of the $15,000 competition; haven’t made too much though as I haven’t really had the time. I have a payday coming soon for a couple jobs, so you’ll see the results here; anyways, my earnings for today were $1.46 with Text Link Ads (no, I don’t ever remember signing up with them but heh) and $1.63 from Google Adsense. Not a cracking start, but luckily none of the other competitors have done too well (I believe the highest is $20~) so not too worried. Plenty of time left, and with the two paydays I have coming along… someone will be jumping into the lead pretty soon.

Anyways, happy earning all; I’ll try to get some informative content up on here sooner rather than later. As for the contest, I’ve decided that I’ll be giving every single person that participated a copy of one of my eBooks; Hamza will get the latest one, as he’s a valued previous customer. Post here with which eBook you’d like and I’ll get around to handing them out within the next week; I’ll also be holding a contest for a couple domains that I don’t need anymore.

* Add $10 for the sale of a small website ( that took a couple seconds to make).

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