A New Design; A Contest Soon With It

Not much to say, still revelling in last night’s f**kin’ brilliant sale. Anyways, I’ve just completed another eBook; this will be going out on sale soon, so watch out for it. It’s not a way to make quick money; rather it’s a guide to writing competent eBooks and how to market them so you too can earn. I’m not sure about the price; it’ll probably start off at $10, but increase a lot after that as I feel it’s worth lots more. Anyone that wants a slightly discounted (and by slightly, I mean a buck) copy, feel free to ask on here and I’ll give you one.

I found a designer that would do the logo, coded WordPress theme with plugins all for $100; their past work looks pretty good so let’s hope that it works out well. The designer’s website is NuFrosh; feel free to take a look at some of their kick-ass designs. I’ll be modeling the layout on John Cow (not Chow), with my own logo at the top and etc. Won’t be putting Adsense up though, might have some paid ads; we’ll see about that in a couple days.

Thinking of creating t-shirts and an online empire with the University Kid at the centre; sure, this might cost a lot to startup with but often building a reputation first will pay off big time in the long run. The traffic to this blog should jump up about 30,000% hehe. I’ll be looking for designers of t-shirt logos and stuff in the next couple days; need a website that does them for cheap too, so if anyone knows a place that beats $9 a shirt (which is decent, but they make you order 24 minimum) let me know.

As for the contest for ten domains, it’s running till November 20th; the 15th is the last day to get in entries so make sure you do before then. Will be running a major contest once the revamp is done; any ideas as to what prizes you’d like?

Just took a look at the FeedBurner count, 16. WOW!

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