What- Five Buck Wiki? Hehe

Today’s post is short but sweet; after 1 Million Dollar, 1 Million Euro, 10 Dollar and 1-buck Wiki, Five Dollar Wiki has been launched. The creator of the ZedoMax network, Max has kindly offered to sponsor 20 pages on the site, as well as help me with promoting their contest so I’d love to help him do the same; you can read more about the website and its aims on their blog. I’m pretty excited about the contest; I’d already amassed around $900 worth of prizes and hopefully will pull in a few more sponsors to help out; I’ve contacted the ‘big names’ of the industry in the hopes that they’ll offer something up. If you’d like to sponsor a prize, or ask me about anything in particular, you can send an email to admin@theuniversitykid.com.

The new design is being ’spliced’; now being a tech newb I have no idea what that is but it will apparently be ready within a couple days. It looks decent; most of you have already seen it; those who haven’t, PM me and I’ll give you the download link for the PSD. Once that is done, the marketing can really start.

I spent like crazy the last couple of days; mainly on prizes for the contest, and still have to pay for the designing job but I have a few ongoing projects that will hit big in a couple days. We shall see, I suppose. Still have around 100~ domains on me that I have to get rid of; I’m not really using them and have ones at Moniker, Name.com, NameCheap, Fabulous, GoDaddy, Domainsite… definitely need to give away sell em off. Just bought an LLLL.com; I had sold all my previous ones but now they’re all gone it’s kinda cool to have one. I picked up CJDK.com for $15, which has a couple good letters and a couple iffy ones. Better than XJQY I guess.

Anyways, got my favourite subject (Math, *slight sarcasm present*) to go to, so will talk later.

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