How Much is Your Website Worth?

Loadsa work, and after using all my blog-brain-juice and going to face four hours straight of University, it’s time for a short (but hopefully sweet :D) blog post. Numbers by themselves don’t really fascinate me, but add dollar signs in front of them and I’ll be the most attentive person around; let’s take a look at what a few of the automated value calculators thought that this website was worth.

First off:

Alexa Rank: 390,013
Google PageRank: 0.00 (Yepp, a huge number there :D)
Started: October 14, 2007
Backlinks: 3,121
Predicted PageRank: 4 (89.3% accuracy)

Above taken from IWebTool

Now, the numbers;


Just the domain valued at a grand total of $0.00; the website as a whole is valued at $3,200.


The estimated value of is: $1,673


Your site is valued at: $78. I think I’ll retire 

Sootle Web Directory

Your website at is worth $16,490 


Your site is valued at: $1,342


A load of balls, but fun nonetheless. While I feel that the appraisal by Sootle Web Directory is the one I like best, the reality is that this site is probably closer to the Website Value Calculator appraisal, especially with no PR/monetization. To increase in the future hopefully! How about y’all; what’s yours worth? 

Now now, this was mainly a filler post; if you want an in depth guide on the favourite subject of all online entrepreneurs (ie Making The Cash Online) check out Jeremy’s guide to profiting with Squidoo over here.

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