Damn, So There is Some Money In This Blogging Thingy…

I came across Blogtrepreneur.com’s blog a couple hours ago and found an interesting post saying it was for sale. Now, there has been a recent spate of high profile blogs changing hands- CashQuests.com of course sold for a decent $15,000; OneMansGoal.com went for $8,500, BloggingFingers.com at $6000 and last but not least BlogOhBlog.com for $10,000. That’s around $39,500 in blog money, by no means chump change; the owner of Blogtrepreneur (Adnan) is looking at a low five figure sum, and a little more than that will get the grand total at $50k.

These sales have got me thinking; whilst the content on those sites are pretty decent, I’m sure I could replicate the level of quality on another website, and it is BloggingFingers that I will be aiming to surpass- the creator was just 18 years old, and the amount of RSS subscribers is around 220; an amount I feel is definitely reachable. Now, I will not be doing that for this blog, as I’d like to keep it and develop it (and eventually earn 23k a month like John Chow, but that’s another post) but I am seriously considering creating another ‘generic’ blog without a single personality and filling it up with quality posts.

Now, I won’t have time to write all this myself, considering I’m slowly feeling the onslaught of University work; I’m thinking about entering into a partnership with say 4-5 people with a post a week and a split of the monthly earnings. Now, Blogtrepreneur earned $633.85 last month; whilst that’s a decent total, I don’t see it as being impossible to reach. More about that in the next few days; will have to think about the domain, hosting and all that if I decide to have a go at it.

Aiming to make $600 a month with around 4-5 posts a week seems pretty respectable to me; and if/when I can get it to that level the end price will be pretty sweet. BlogOhBlog.com was just 5 months and a couple weeks old; I think that timeframe sounds reasonable, and if it could get up to a level of $1000 a month (I’m dreaming now, but bear with me) the 12x/24x a month’s earnings flip would not be bad at all. Whether this idea is something that will become a reality is the thing I’ll look at over the next few days.

Other than that… I’ve made a couple of sales of the Thousand Dollar Guide, despite that I haven’t advertised it anywhere other than my Digital Point signature for the last 3-4 days. Pretty decent; I’ll look at spamming marketing it on a few webmaster forums; I’ll be tweaking the whole sales page as well as throwing in another FREE guide for all those who purchase in order to build up a mailing list; might work in an affiliate program too if I can find out an easy way to do it. Thinking at bumping up the price to $27.00 in the next couple days, so all y’all that wanna make the purchase, do it now ;).

The University workload is slowly getting larger and larger; I goofed around too long yesterday over an essay I had to do and emailed in a half done one thirty minutes late. Not good; also got a computer newsletter to hand in and a math test to do for tomorrow, so fun all around. I have three major exams next week so gotta study; the money making biz will probably be put on the backburner for now, unless I get an offer that look good to refuse or pass up, of course. Will probably outsource the sales letter and various other parts; let’s see what happens.

As for the Adsense, earnings were at $14.87 yesterday for a Thankgiving period where lots of others reported lower ones. Now, after two days I’m not saying this will be a success, but it bodes well so far; let’s see how the next couple go. I’m getting Mark to test it out on one of his, if he can get it running; if it works for him, someone’s making a bomb with the follow up eBook sales. Talking about Mark, he did a post about his favourite bloggers yesterday; I can’t access the page, but I’m sure it’ll be good. Derek @ Derek-Baker.com did something similar; heck, I gotta put up something like that within the next couple of weeks as they’re making me look ungenerous :lol:.

A Forgotten Sponsor

Last but not least, I completely forgot about adding one of the biggest sponsors for my contest; here’s the necessary plug. The sponsor was Dave Rigotti, of FreezingHot.com; they’ve very kindly donated a $200 worth link building package that I’m sure will help any of y’all newbies or even experienced bloggers kick ass. Freezing Hot is a U.S. based internet marketing company that specializes in small business search engine optimization and pay-per-click management.  In addition, Freezing Hot offers affiliate program management, blog consulting, and link building. Aye, I wrote the last sentence all by myself  Check out their site though; it’s pretty sexy.

This is pretty long now, and I wouldn’t want to bore you; more tomorrow I guess.

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