You May Clap; The Uni Kid Gets Rich

tad impromptu blog post, but had to celebrate with my few, loyal readers. Today’s the day the big cash came in; $150 from the first sale of my eBook CashCow deal ($300 total, half shared w/ Reid) and the pending sale of which currently has a bid of around $160 (again, this will be split in half). Comes to a decent $230 minimum; heck, I’d be a happy bunny if I earned that every day for this month; guess I’d be pwning the $15,000 challenge too. Anyways, this will be a short blog post but sweet; I’d like to say that this proves that you should aim for a few big ones (or heck, many big ones) rather than many small ones. Sure, you can earn a decent bit of money selling 20 PLR articles at a buck each, but why bother? It wastes time, and you could be using that to think of something more productive; so promise me this, that tomorrow you’ll take at least an hour or two to think, and evaluate yourself as to what you’re really worth. Enjoy the psychological crap advice?

More updates tomorrow, good luck to everyone in their endeavours. Shame that the feed count has dropped meh, guess those people won’t be getting any prizes… hehe. The blog redesign is almost completely done, will let you guys have a sneak preview tomorrow; late here so off to bed soon 🙂

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