Proxy Network Up And Running

Alright, so I’m finally taking a long term approach to buying and selling proxies; sure, I could flip ‘em in a week for a profit but I’m looking at an $xxxx amount with this project rather than something in the hundreds. This proxy website is made up of nine websites (thinking of adding a tenth soon) and is hosting on two different servers. I also have the proxy Cloak, but will be looking to get rid of it ASAP. The proxy network cost me around $50~ to set up; I’ve already received offers of $25 for a few of them meaning I could have made my money back (and more) instantly. Will probably sell off the PR1 proxies in the next few days, as I think it would be best to start off afresh. I still want a network of around ten; and would love any help that you guys want to offer; for details on more about that you can check out this slightly neglected thread over on Digital Point. Whether you’re a proxy newb (as I was just a few days ago and probably still am) or a professional that’s been doing it for years, I’d love to hear from you- feel free to add jasonpereira34(at)yahoo(dot)com on Yahoo Messenger and we can talk. If you’re a deluded nutcase don’t bother though, as I’ve already been approached by quite a few people that have *excellent* ideas which only require a couple thousand up front with no proof that they’ve earned money.

On that note it’s quite easy to be scammed on the Internet; I’ll be writing a post soon about how you can avoid such happenings. Also, a few of you may have wondered why I didn’t put up an Earnings post yesterday- I earned around $50, but only made $5 profit as I spent the majority of it. If you guys hadn’t realised before, my daily earnings are profit, meaning that I probably won’t have a post today either.

And by the way, this blog post is eligible for the contest too. So get in

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