Not Too Happy…

The winners of the first ‘contest’ were announced yesterday, but none of them contacted me to ask for their prizes. This contest was setup in order to drive visitors to the blog, so if people can’t be bothered to come back… I won’t be contacting them. If they do not ask for their prizes before the end of the day, I will put them up for grabs again, meaning that anyone who has posted between then and now has a chance of winning either of the eBooks. I’m not sure if I explained how this works, but for every 10 unique comments (ie from different people) three eBooks are given out; while if an individual post only reaches five comments, then a single eBook is given out. I will wait and see which reach ten and which fail to, and will be distributing prizes within the next few days.

Anyways, now that the mini rant is done… decent earnings yesterday, as I sold a few copies of my latest eBook, which has three ’sexy’ ways to make money and has received quite favourable reviews. All y’all that haven’t bought it; I’m expecting you guys do to so soon, if you don’t… well, meh, others will.

Thanks for all of you that inquired about my ‘latest’ idea; heck, you had to quench your curiosity didn’t you. Anyways, a couple guys have contacted me and I feel that this could really work. Sadly, I’ll not be revealing the details to the rest of you until it is up; don’t worry, it’s related to affiliate programs and driving Adwords traffic to a webpage; one that parts are seen of around the Internet, but few, if any have all the information located in one place. After this site is setup, it should not require a lot of work to maintain; and as I mentioned earlier, the potential for earning is in the thousands.

This student neglected his university work to write an eBook; I’ll be spending the whole of today completing about thirteen computer assignments, an English essay and studying for a Statistics exam. How fun. Don’t think I’ll get much done, but as it’s all due f**kin’ tomorrow I better get off my arse and finish some of it, at least. Also have a couple article writing projects, which I took on way too many of (all of them I took because they were about football, a sport I love) and I still have offers flooding in. When someone offers you the cash up front at the rate I write for, it’s pretty hard to turn them down.

Anyways, better get down to some work; Happy Halloween all! Hopefully you’ll be earning a bit today, to make up for me; all y’all seem very capable of doing so.

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