Finally Off

Before this contest started I spoke big; I was bigged up by a few of my competitors too as they thought I’d do it easy. As much as I tried to overlook it, I started off complete crap, and didn’t even look like making $500 this month, much less two and a half grand. Why was this? Well, I tried to look into things that would earn big money rather than lots that could earn small bits; sure, I could sell those PLR article packs I have at a couple bucks, or the databases at a buck each, but what’s the point in wasting ten minutes of your time for a measly buck?

Anyways, now that such crap is over, I’ve finally hit it big with one of my ideas; the pending sale of All readers of this blog should know about my eBooks; I’m churning out quite a few of them and in fact they can take me as little as two hours to write. Sales of the first eBook- about domains, had pretty much died on Digital Point, so it was lying around and I had no need for it. I don’t think I came up with the idea, think it was Mark (was it, mate?) who suggested that I sell the whole damned thing, so I put it up for auction. Now, had someone offered me $50 for resale rights of the eBook I would have taken it; that’s how poor sales were, so I wasn’t expecting to get much after I put it up for auction.

What happened next surprised the sh!t outta me; just twenty nine minutes into the auction the starting bid was matched, and there was plenty of interest. The bidding has since risen to a decent $200; not f**kin’ bad, eh? I’ve set BIN price at $275, so let’s hope someone bites; $200 is pretty decent for an eBook that I’ve already made a few hundred of and took me two hours to write. I already have three eBooks on sale, while one more I’m giving away for free (stuffed with the necessary affiliate links, of course); I’m midway through writing another one on how to profit with eBooks, which will go on sale eventually; feel free to buy it if you want.

I’ve found eBook writing so easy that I’ve setup an eBook business; this involves the creation of an eBook, as well as the sales letter, website and marketing campaign to go with it. You can read about that on this thread; I’ve got a few people interested and as said, this takes around 4-5 hours maximum to setup so it’s a pretty decent deal.

Thank f**k for the contest; FeedBurner subscribers have risen to eight, far better than 0 or even 3. I think I can make it big with the blog, mainly because my views are (hopefully) interesting and all that. Don’t worry, I know all y’all keep coming back only for the contests; I’ll be adding a few more in recent days. On that note, what prizes would you guys like to see if I had a major one? Obviously all eBooks I’ve written will be included, as will maybe a couple of domains; I’m thinking of offering t-shirts (with a kick-ass logo) and free advertising for a month on here too. Going to get my blog redesigned soon, as I don’t feel you can make it big with a free WordPress theme; might use Jimmy’s services as he looks a decent designer, although I’ve been offered a theme at a low $60 by someone who has a portfolio of cracking sites, so let’s see how that turns out.

Today shows that all of you can earn, even if you’re not feeling like you will; keep plugging away and you’ll get there sometime. I believe Girish thought he was in the lead before today, but there’s only one answer to that now… PWNED!

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