Broke My Adsense Record; w00t

Starting out as an Internet entrepreneur was a pretty exciting thing for me… and the first way of profiting online that I learned about was by using Google Adsense. Now, Adsense seemed fairly simple to understand for me; people visit your website, click the ads and you get paid- easy, right? After earning a measly buck in my first week, and not much in the weeks after that, I presumed that I’d never reach the standards of the big earners on Digital Point; some of them earn well upwards of $1000 a day with Adsense alone. The first website I tried Adsense on was my (now-PR2) football website; I no longer update that as I can’t be bothered. After that made a grand total of $5.63 over two months (and stands at $5.87 today), I resigned myself to the fact that Adsense would not be profitable for me, and that I should stick to writing articles.

After I learned about proxies, my want to find out more about Google Adsense increased; as everyone needs proxies at one point or another, and they could easily be promoted, this seemed a certain earner. My first step with proxies was buying one off a Digital Point member who provided them as a service at $10.00 a pop; this earned about $15 in the month that it was with me so I considered it a fairly decent buy. I did buy another one from a Digital Point member for $13.5 (similar service) which I still have- this one is what made up the majority of my record earnings yesterday. Now,  the proxies I purchased earned around $0.5 in Adsense a day; sure, great considering what I paid for them, but hardly the stuff of legend; what’s half a buck compared to ten, or even five?

After realising that I would actually have to get off my arse and do some work (oh how I hate the word) to bring in the traffic and revenue, I started learning how to install and create my own- and soon found out that it was quite easy, with the simple matter of changing your Pub-ID and adding a channel to a NotePad file. Not the hardest task, even for a tech-newb like myself. Once I learned how I went a bit mad… and bought around thirty proxy domains before realising that there was no way in hell that I could look after so many, and even if I could do so, get a hosting package that could handle it at less that a couple hundred a month. Again, at the time… that was a bit out of my price range. So what did I do? Well, this may seem like the most common thing in the world to you, but I read about proxies; I read the Digital Point Proxy Thread from start to finish (okay, so I didn’t… I did read a large chunk of it though :lol:) and I asked a few of the ‘gurus’ tips and tricks about monetizing it to its full potential. As most of you will know, I hit upon a decent level of success with social networking; even writing an eBook on how you could use that to boost the earnings of your proxies. Earnings from that soon died down though; mainly because the Digital Point Freebies section got saturated and there were few there who hadn’t already Stumbled my website. With the earnings back at $2-$3 a day, I aimed for $5; once I reached that, I’d increase.

After realising that it was near impossible (for me, anyways) to make that amount off one website, I built five that each earned $1 day… sometimes slightly less, but sometimes slightly more. That $5 a day was a fairly decent amount; the Adsense check that would come it would equate to $150 a month, by no means chump change, but in today’s industry you should always aim higher, no? Anyways, after trying a few things I’ve come across something that brought a single proxy the highest I’ve ever earned in one day; $18.63. For some, that may be minimal but I’m pretty happy; multiply $18 by 30 days and you’ll see why. Will this last long? Well, I’m going to see how well it works over the next few days before I release any information; but with the earnings at $6.92 today, and still a few hours to go… we’ll see how it turns out. Check out the screenshot of my sexy earnings yesterday.

Other than that I’ll be souping up the Thousand Dollar Guide in a few days; watch out for it. Got an Islamic essay due in four hours and a Math (yay!  ) exam to study for, so gotta run 

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