Is it Possible to Make a Living Off The ‘Net?

As close as just 15-20 years ago, the idea of making money online was one that was scoffed at; a regular job was seen as the only way to success by the majority of people, and it seemed that it would never change. Even today, a job is seen as the way to advance; ask my parents about making the cash from home and you’ll get all the information you need. I’d love to do this full time though; sitting on my ass, earning the money from the comfort of my own home… nothing seems better at the moment. Contrary to popular belief of more internet entrepreneur’s parents, this definitely is possible; what kind of earnings would you need to stay at home and live a decent life? 😀

Now, I’m not an expert on the costs of the ‘real world’; being a student and having everything in my life paid for by my parents until a couple months ago, I’m not really ‘in touch’ with the amounts that one would have to earn to work from home. I’ll throw out a ballpark figure though; $4,000 a month for starting out seems fair enough to me; whilst I’m some way off that at the moment, should a couple of my big projects take off I see no reason why that amount is not achievable. That would be an extreme jump from where I am now; I’m not denying that- but setting goals is always good (or so they say :lol:) and I’ll set myself a time frame of reaching my first $4000 month within five months. Feel free to bookmark this post; if I don’t accomplish this before then, I’ll let you make fun of me in any way you like 😀

You might have read that I broke my daily Adsense record a while back; I’ve done it again with yesterday’s earnings reaching $23.07. This is off a single proxy website; if this keeps up, I’ll build say a network of 5-6 and promote them all in the same way. The dedicated server that I co-ordered with a couple other people should be ready today, meaning that I can concentrate on fully promoting my proxies without fear of the hosting provider crashing due to excess bandwidth use; any of y’all that want cheap proxy hosting, drop me a line and I’ll hook you up. 😉

The revamp of the Thousand Dollar Guide is almost complete; I’ve written up a sexy sales page and am getting a couple eBook covers done at $15.00 apiece. I’ll be selling a slightly changed version at $27.00, with loads of goodies included; got a free reviews and going to completely revamp the sales page, so let’s hope it does well. Will also put up an affiliate program with 50% commission + bonuses; more about that in a few days. I want to get it up as quick as possible, but have to wait for my designer and the eBook cover creator to get things moving along; sadly my technical/graphic skills are pretty crap, so it is completely out of my hands at the moment. If all goes well, it should be up within a day or two.

What else is happening? I had to go to University today because of a rescheduled Math class; algebra and all that crap similar kinda stuff for a two hour period of fun. I’ve also got a Math exam tomorrow which I didn’t study for; meh, I’ll get it done sometime in the next few hours. I’m looking at taking this blog to the next level; I’ve just realised that most of you don’t really know a lot about me, so I’ll be adding an ‘About’ page… if you have any questions or posts about certain topics that you’d like to see me write about on the site, send over an email to admin [at] the [remove] university [remove] kid [dot] com. Also got to get categories going; I’ll do that within the next couple of weeks days. Later all 😉

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