Where Can You Earn?

University students across the world look to make money; some of them are older than the legal age and can thus get a part time job easily, while others (like me) are younger and thus are not able to. I’m sixteen, and in other countries I could probably get a part time job… however, I live in the United Arab Emirates where it is actually *illegal* for a ‘minor’ to be employed. Now this was a blow to me, that is until the summer, when I discovered that you could actually get paid for doing stuff online. Here, I’ll tell you what you can do to earn a bit of money, and these short posts will continue throughout the week.

Earning Method #1- Writing Articles

There is a huge market out there for those of you that can string a few words together without sounding like an idiot; as long as you have a decent sense of grammar and use a spell checker, you’ll be able to earn money writing articles online. I struggled doing this in the summer, writing 500 word articles for just $2 at a time, however in recent times my rates have increased along with my reputation as an able writer, and I’ve been able to command $15 or more per article. You will be able to do this too, if you develop a solid profile and are known as a person who meets deadlines and delivers.

Where can you start writing? Well, the best place to start is Digital Point forums, where you can earn 0.01 a word minimum. Now that doesn’t seem like a lot for professional writers that do this for a living, but think of it as a part time job- in the past, I regularly churned out articles of a high quality (and those who hired me seemed to think so too) four times an hour, making it $20 an hour. You’re already beating the minimum wage, and once you establish yourself in the market you can charge more. These articles that most webmasters ask you to do don’t require a lot of effort, as all they want is content for their pages; search Wikipedia and a couple of other websites and you’ll get all the information you need.

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