Not Flippin’ Bad…

Just sold the first PR1 domain + proxy ( for $25. Sure, might not be a lot but considering I paid $7.5 for it that’s a pretty decent ROI (return on investment). I’ve got a couple major projects coming along that should bring me some cash too, will let you know about that in the next few days; they should be decent earners.

Someone (well Mark, I can’t pretend that I have so many comments that it’s impossible to remember who wrote them; maybe in a few months, eh?) asked about where I got the cheap proxy hosting from. I got it from Simon369, a DP member; you can check out his website by going to this link. Their packages range from $5 to $15, and you can also order custom packages to suit your needs (as I did originally). If you want a discount (f**k, who doesn’t), use the coupon code 20off to get… you guessed it, a 20% discount. Not bad at all, eh?

By the way, talking about Digital Point; it’s down at the moment. It’s been slightly off the whole week; it looks like they’re finally doing something to fix it though. If you visit you get the message that they’re ‘doing some DB work’ (database), let’s hope it gets back up quickly so we can rip off some more newbs earn some decent money.

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