Earnings – October 22nd, 2007

The contest doesn’t officially start till November 1st, but I’ll be writing a few test posts till then with my earnings (mainly to scare off them competitors :D). If you thought that my earnings every day will be like yesterday’s, you’re sadly mistaken; I don’t earn that much normally, although I hope to be doing so in the future. Today was a pretty quiet day as I slept (got to enjoy those university holidays, eh 😉 ) but I still managed to earn a few bucks here and there.


eBook sales: $7 (one sale)
Adsense: $2.6
Domain Sales: $14

Total: $23.6

Not a lot today, but that’s mainly because I’ve spent loads… I’ll be setting up an arcade site soon (feel free to play games) as well as a few more proxies. I’ll also be holding weekly competitions where you can win various prizes; this week’s competition is for two free domain names that are expiring soon and I have no use for. Want to participate? All you have to do is leave a comment with how I can contact you (most of y’all will be from a forum I frequent, I presume) and I’ll drop you a line if you win. I’ll also be posting weekly tips on how you too can earn like I am.

The winner of the first domain was t-nine from Digital Point. The domain was estateinlasvegas.com. The next domain, informationabouteducation.com is still available, so feel free to comment! 😀

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