Earnings – October 24th

A pretty decent day today, and I’m close to the average that I want to attain (that is, $83.3 a day or $2500 a month). Today’s earnings were made from different sources, showing that it’s always good to diversify as if one fails, the others help compensate. My proxies are continuing to earn a solid $10 a day after earning just $1 a day two days ago; more details on how I did that later. I’ve started a bit of light forum posting, which is generally easy work for me as I go through 60~100 posts a day on various websites, and why not get paid for it. If you didn’t know, forum posting is a decent way to make money, especially if it’s about a topic you like. You should be able to get $0.15 upwards per post, and they add up pretty quickly. Anyways, enough of the rambling; time for the earning statistics.


eBook Sales: $19 (Sold four)
Forum Posting: $20 (Paid up front)
Domain Sale: $30 (two sold)
Google Adsense: $11.48

Total: $80.48

Not bad at all. Remember, the contest for you to win the domain name informationabouteducation.com is still on; all you have to do is post a comment of around 10 words. It will end tomorrow, and the winner will be contacted (remember to leave a form of contact!)

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