Earnings – October 27th

A dead day for me but I guess the only way is down from something like yesterday’s good luck performance. I spent $23.00 on some proxy hosting so if any of y’all need setting up, drop me a line. Pretty good specs for the price, and will start my proxy network up soon. As for the arcade, the games still don’t work and the dude I bought it from seems to have vanished off the face of the Earth, so not releasing it yet. A waste of time, no? Anyways, should be getting some affiliate cash from HostICan in the next few days so not all is bad; I’ve found their affiliate program relatively easy to promote and the high percentage ($70 off a $90 sale) means that you can offer some cash back to customers and still rake it in. Anyways, time for the little numbers:


eBook Sales: $26
Digital Products: $8

Total: $32

A day like this is considered meager for me now, but meh. I’ll be withdrawing my Paypal funds and starting at $0 on November 1st to try and start of on a level foot with the other competitors; I believe there’s quite a few now and I’ll blog about them sometime during the week. I’ve got a contest coming up soon for all y’all that like free stuff (well, who doesn’t eh) so keep in touch 😉

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