Earnings – October 23rd

Once again, didn’t do much; however good to see my eBook start to sell, while I’ve managed to increase Adsense earnings 10x in just a couple of days. Hopefully they will continue to rise, and I should reach the $100 payout mark by the end of next month (if not earlier). As for the eBook, it’s started off relatively quietly, but had four sales and will raise the price soon if no more people bite.


eBook Sales: $20 (four sold)
Google Adsense: $9.14

Total: $29.14

Would have started my arcade today, but sadly the guy who I bought it off has not yet sent over the files; shameful. I picked up a memorable domain for it though, www.mygamescentre.com so look out for that in the next few days. Also paid a DP member to start up two proxies for me; if they’re as good as the first one was, I’ll be very happy with life. I’m looking at getting into affiliate marketing in the next few days; I don’t know how to do it so will learn slowly; I’ve already made two affiliate sales though in the past few weeks so will not be starting off with nothing. Have to start selling off my domains too; I’ve got around 60~ registered at various places which I don’t really need to be honest, so those should make a couple bucks.

Anyways, best of luck to all of you with your money making adventures; almost a week to go till Halloween (and the start of the contest, of course :P)

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