Earnings – October 25th, 2007

I had a joyful six hours straight of University today, taking in the wonders that can be gotten in the subjects ICT, University Life and Statistics. If you didn’t catch on, I’m being sarcastic. Sadly, as I was out I was unable to promote my proxies and thus earnings from Adsense died; however, I’ll be doing some promotion tomorrow morning so let’s hope they pick up to the $18 reached yesterday (it made a hefty bit in the night). Anyways, today was good for other reasons; sold a few copies of my eBook, and got paid 50% up front for another forum posting job, making the end total a pretty decent one.


eBook Sales: $69 (ain’t that a beautiful number)
Article Pack Sales: $4
Forum Posting: $45
Google Adsense: $2.83

Total: $115.83

F**kin’ ace!

The winner of the contest for the domain informationabouteducation.com was Reid, after a ‘draw’ using the MS Word random list function. Please leave a comment or send a PM to The Emirates Gallastico so I can transfer it to your DynaDot account. As for getting paid to post on forums, you can check out the Digital Point Content Creation section; there are tons of webmasters with dead forums in need of posters. Last but not least, you can buy my eBooks for cheap during the next four hours here.

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