Earnings – October 26th

Sorry for the lack of quality content, but I’ve been a bit busy these last few days earning money, as you’ll see below. Today was an exceptional day for me, and while it may be peanuts for quite a few out there you start small and get bigger. I’ve moved into the proxy business as I’ve found it a pretty profitable enterprise; once again, you’ll see examples of this below. Thankfully my rates for writing articles have increased; the days of $2 for 500 words seem long gone and the healthy rate of $0.05 a word that I charge now definitely has a few kicks. If you want a quality, slightly expensive well priced article about any topic not tech-related, you know who to come to. Last but not least, my eBooks have continued to sell like hotcakes; yeah, they’ll die down soon enough, but for the time being it’s pretty nice to have them as a source of income.


eBook Sales: $43
Proxy Sales: $150 (three sold)
Articles: $19.5 (one done)
Digital Products: $4
Google Adsense: $0.05

Total: $216.55

The drop in Adsense is pretty severe, but I took the code for my proxy off today so it’s only earning was from Digital Point revenue sharing (which although nice, is not going to make you anything serious. Well, maybe after a couple hundred years). Anyways, the drop in Adsense was more than made up for the increase in other earnings; I’m sure you’ll agree.

By the way, I started up two more proxies (and am contemplating starting 10-15 more); you can check out Hide At School and Devil Surfer. They took a while to load for me at the beginning but maybe that’s just because my computer’s crap; let me know how they work out. The template is a standard one for both, however I’ve had success with it in the past and if the CTR is anywhere near the last one then I’ll be pretty happy with life. My arcade website has finally been setup; the games however have not yet been installed on it so when they are the link will be posted here.

There are a lot of bullsh!tters on the Internet claiming to make money they don’t; here’s a little bit of proof of some of today’s earnings for the skeptical ones amongst you.

Anyways, happy earning all 😉

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